Rafal Proszowski

Software Engineer

Professional summary

I'm an experienced developer / SRE with just over 9 years of professional experience, committed to maintaining cutting edge technical skills and up-to-date industry knowledge. I'm eager to learn and always after new exciting opportunities and challenges.


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: Tech Lead and Senior Developer at Government Digital Service
  • Planned, Prioritised and Built various components for tenants of GOV.UK PaaS and Build & Run teams
  • Worked with Product Managers, User Researchers, UI and Content Designers to set out deadlines and prioritise work to deliver on user needs and various projects.
  • Worked closely with users and tenants, helping the adaptation of the platform and establishing better practices and technical directions.
  • Developed GOV.UK PaaS and Build & Run processes with the use of Terraform, AWS, Concourse, Kubernetes, CloudFoundry, Bosh, YAML, Go, Shell Scripts, Postgres
  • Developed web applications for GOV.UK PaaS tenants with the use of Node.js, TypeScript, Sinatra, JS, Webpack
  • Worked with Secure Continuous Delivery system using Git and GPG encryption to ensure integrity of developer commits prior to deployment
  • Line managed and mentored colleagues through career progression
  • Troubleshoot complex network and systems issues
  • Actively patched various CVE's
  • Did heavy pair programming in order to spread the knowledge
  • Presented and demonstrated at show and tells / knowledge shares
  • Been heavily involved in team progression and well being
  • Worked in an Agile - Kanban environment
  • Worked with stages of Planing, Doing, Reviewing and Approving of each task
  • Used ticketing system Pivotal Tracker for project management
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: Frontend Developer at FLIP Sports
  • Worked on a rewards system with the use of Angular, Ionic, JWT, OIDC, Python, AWS, Postgres
  • Delivered services in a form of REST APIs, Web Applications, Metric collectors
  • Mainly focussed on the Frontend aspect of the projects
  • Helped out with certain python micro services
  • Helped out with PHP projects
  • Used ticketing system JIRA for project management
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: Developer at HurstDEV
  • Worked with variety of clients on different needs, solutions and technologies
  • Been able to choose a stack for each project to satisfy needs
  • Worked with PHP, MySQL, Laravel, CakePHP, jQuery, Node.js, Gulp, Grunt, Ansible, Vagrant, NGINX, Ubuntu Server, Puppet, Shell Scripts
  • Delivered services in a form of REST APIs, eCommerce Stores, CMS, Web Applications, Chat
  • Helped out junior members of the team in progression
  • Helped out in recruitment process
  • Solved interesting problems to satisfy clients needs
  • Been on call for certain clients
  • Used ticketing systems Codebase and JIRA for project management
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: Junior Web Developer at Surreal Creative
  • Worked with variety of clients on different needs, solutions and technologies
  • Worked with PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, Laravel, JavaScript, jQuery, Vagrant, Puppet, Chef
  • Solved interesting problems to satisfy client needs
  • Used ticketing system Pivotal Tracker, Codebase and Bootcamp for project management
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: Extended Diploma in IT at Newcastle College
  • Worked on Exciting modules:
    • Unit 1: Communication and Employability Skills for IT
    • Unit 2: Computer Systems
    • Unit 3: Information Systems
    • Unit 4: Impact of the Use of IT on Business Systems
    • Unit 5: Managing Networks
    • Unit 6: Software Design and Development
    • Unit 7: Organisational Systems Security
    • Unit 8: e-Commerce
    • Unit 9: Computer Networks
    • Unit 10: Communication Technologies
    • Unit 11: Systems Analysis and Design
    • Unit 12: IT Technical Support
    • Unit 13: IT Systems Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Did few projects in PHP on the side in exchange for games
    • Local Game Shop website
    • A tool to generate websites for my class colleagues to pass their modules
  • Completed with an impressive result of Triple Distinction (D*DD)

Hobbies & Interests

IT, Technology, Software Development, Gaming, Open Source, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, comic books.

Golang; Frontend NE - conferences and monthly based meet ups.